30 April 2020

Tons of Stuffies!

There is a very special house at 228 Maple Drive with tons of stuffies in their windows. I think little kids will love it! Let us know what you find!

25 April 2020

The Quarantine Has Met Its Match!

This student made video captures what many children are feeling.  They are bored! So why not get outside and go on the Los Alamos Safari Hunt!  Anabel Irving and Maya Snowden collaborated virtually to create the video.  The girls are students at Aspen School and are members of the Natural Helpers service club.

24 April 2020

Garden Flags!

Garden Flag
The Natural Helpers at Aspen School is a student community service organization under the guidance of Kim Pulliam.  They are busy making garden flags that inspire families to go out on a Safari Hunt!

21 April 2020

Piglet and Roo!

Guess what?  We have a clue!  Piglet and Roo were spotted on Los Pueblos Street near a little free library. Can you find them?  Good luck spotters!

17 April 2020

North Mesa Neighborhood

My husband and I went on a Safari Hunt in our neighborhood on North Mesa.  We were pleased to spot seven animals!  You actually might need binoculars if you go on a hunt.  Otherwise you may miss a tiny bear in a second story window.  It was fun on a beautiful New Mexican day - and we didn't even have a child with us!

10 April 2020

Everyone Can Participate!

We are asking everyone to place a stuffed animal(s) in their window. If a window is not possible, placing one in a car or on a fence will work too! Any stuffed animal will do. Hunters might even spot a bear, a tiger, a giraffe,or even a flamingo. Who would have thought these sorts of animals would exist in our high desert habitat? Anything goes these quarantine days!

If you don’t have a stuffed animal, you can put up animal drawings or photos instead of stuffed animals. It’s about showing our Los Alamos Safari Hunt spirit!

Tips for Safaris!

It’s a Safari!

It’s a Safari! The Los Alamos Safari Hunt for Kids! This activity is similar to a scavenger hunt.  The “hunters” try to spot as many stuffed animals as they can find in people’s windows and yards. Everyone can help by placing stuffed animals in their windows, which will make it fun for our children.  If a window is not possible, placing one in a yard or on a fence will work too!  If you’re not scared of the wild, check it out!  

  • You can walk or go in the car.
  • Remember all safaris are better with a guide. So take an adult or go as a family. 
  • Spotters on the hunt should wear a protective mask, remember to stay at least 6 feet away from anyone else you meet on the safari.
  • Spotters on the hunt should remain on the sidewalk and a safe distance away from the animal’s homes.
  • Spotters on the hunt may want to make a map of their neighborhood and take a pencil to draw their route and discoveries. Other may want to use a phone app.
  • Do you notice how quiet it is? What are some new sights and sounds that you notice? Do you hear the birds?
  • Wash your hands when you get home!
  • Post your photos of the stuffed animals you spot on our Instagram, @lasafarihunt.
  • Happy Hunting!